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When it comes to money, we all share the same peculiar habit; we ponder. We think long and hard about what we should and shouldn't do with our money, or when and how to act with it. It involves deep thoughts and predictions about the future. Your future, that of your loved ones and the future of the world. 
In the end, pondering leaves our money standing still. So you should take a moment to ponder, to really look ahead, but then it's time to act. To do something with your money that will benefit you and your surroundings. Anyone that really looks ahead, starts investing in clean energy today. 
That's the thought we wanted to convey in this national campaign for Meewind, an investment fund for clean energy driving the sustainable energy transition. The campaign includes a commercial on national television and online videos in any and every form you can imagine. Inspiring and activating the target audience to invest their money the right way, today. 
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