I love running. Fell in love with it a couple of years ago and it became a fun and relaxing part of my weektime activities. Unfortunately, at some point, a knee injury struck me just before the start of spring, which kept me from running for weeks on end. While the sun came out and nature started to bloom I couldn't go out for a run. And that bothered me. A lot. So, as long as the injury kept me from running, I decided to work on a series of running animations, inspired by some of the beautiful places I like to go running myself. 
Into the woods

Just as the sun starts to rise, I'll make my way into the woods. Alone. With no one around or in sight, except for the creatures that call these woods their home. The only sounds you'll hear are the ones they orchestrate, and the ones I produce while running. So I'll try to keep it down, not to disturb the peace that is ever present in these woods.  
I loved creating these short animations, because it involved so many different creative disciplines. I had fun and learned a lot while doing vector design, run cycle animation loops, backdrop painting, lighting effects and sound design. Check out some of the BTS work that went into this project below. 
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