Tikkie – GIF


You can now create your own “Thank you”-GIF with Tikkie. Introduce this new feature and activate the audience to record their own GIF.



Everyone appreciates a “thank you”. Especially when it comes to the smaller things in life we tend to take for granted. Like friend that pay you back your money.



You can just say “thanks”. But why would you do that if you can make your very own personalised Tikkie-GIF instead?! Don’t hold back. Go all out. Kaj & Kaj will show you how!



We developed a highly social campaign starring social influencers Kaj Gorgels & Kaj van der Ree. The campaign consisted of multiple instagram posts, both Stories and timeline, from the influencers to their followers. Gradually introducing the new Tikkie feature and interacting with their followers to get the buzz going. With over 150K recorded GIFs in the first week!