Oscar Polak is a creative advertising professional from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Currently employed by GUC Agency, where he works as all-round digital creative.

Oscar believes in magic. Yes, he’s a believer. Oscar believes in the magic of digital  and is on a primary quest to become an advertising magician with it. As Strategic Creative, he’ll turn a brief into an effective campaign that will keep audiences intrigued and engaged (for at least 2.4 seconds). With an inexhaustible urge to innovate, he’ll create stories through new experiences, combining technology, weighed words and a slightly dark sense of humor. He also knows some industry buzzwords (like “Dynamic”, “AR” and “Machine learning”).

Oscar has worked for brands big and small such as Tikkie, KPN, Telfort, Jacobs Douwe Egberts, Hyundai, KIA, nowGo, Artsen Zonder Grenzen and Primera.




Script Writing         

Art Direction         


Digital Design         

Video Editing         


Digital Animation         


Donkey Kong Country        

Running 10K        

Cultivating Bonsai        




2019 – Current
Creative @GUC Agency

2017 – 2018
Creative @RLVNT

2015 – current
Freelance Creative

2014 – 2015
Marketing Manager @Qelp

2012 – 2014
Content Manager @Qelp


2016 – 2017
Art Direction & Advertising @JUNIOR Agency

2008 – 2012
BA Communication- & Information Sciences @Utrecht University


Golden Flame for Advertising Talent @Junior Agency

Honourable mention @Young Dogs x Gemeente Amsterdam pitch

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